Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm back. Cheers.

I still need to spell it out, as usual.
Week 10, bad cycle which goes round and round. I'm still awaiting for his return week after weeks. Call me desperado please, I'm desperate for him sometimes. As if he do not return at all, in fact he did for constantly for number of weeks. I'm so not used to his absence. 2 more weeks to go, I'm still counting for it to end. I had been thinking a lot, you know as a girl, we really do think a lot! What do you mean when you ask us not to think dude?
Girls = Think-a-lot-creature
If you do not want us to think so much, try to fit yourself into our shoes! Well, after all I might ask you to be a gay if you can think like a girl. Hey you! We think a lot because our hormones makes us think a lot, if and only if one day we stop our menstrual cycle, hormones stop producing monthly, we are not pregnant, not having menopause (menopause is a bigger problem! Be ready for that when your wife is in her fifties), and be your barbie doll.

My boyfriend aka Chuana, always making me speechless but with plenty of thoughts going on in my head. I want him to do this to do that, yet I cannot bear to let him go through all those nonsense. The rational part of my mind controls all my ridiculous obsessive and possessive ideas. Yes, obsessiveness with my vain and materialistic nature and possessiveness with my spoil brat attitude! 

Argh, dilemma. Being single is so lonely, but having a boyfriends makes me having wrinkles!

Friday, May 04, 2012


The last time I wrote for myself had been ages. Things happens and they just cannot slow down according to my pace.
Hi, I'm dating him. It had been a few months yet this feeling still like a flatworm, sucking all mine deep inside my stomach. Yes, I still cannot bring myself to believe it. There are days where I sat in front of him, looking intensely at this man whom I think that I love him, a man that I knew not long ago, a man who let me look up to him, a man who is more mature then me. 
I look at his lips, and smiled to myself,  that is my favorite nowadays. Who would have imagine that, from a fellow whom I did not even bother to take notice of to he who managed to steal my heart. 
He takes care of me, like a princess, maybe a mile from what my daddy does, but I'm sure its nearer than anybody else. He spoils me like a brat, giving me all I want reasonably. That's him, my lover.
Somehow I know its not fair to compare, yet because of comparison, I appreciate him, cherish him, admire him, adore him and love him. 
Love, a great word and deep meanings. I did not realize that I already gave him my heart till one night, a small matter, but my heart flooded with those awful memories and intense feeling when I could not contact him. I realized how much I care. 
Obstacles, just can't let me off. Religion, my stand in life,  challenge this relationship more than anything else. Endless debate in my mind bugging me all the time when I gave a serious thought about it. Yet all that I did was brushed it off without a conclusion. Maybe its too far to even think about it now.
125 days, still counting.

Friendship, one thing which is beyond our control because it takes both to compliment each other. But people change as time passed.
I watch her changes, from time to time, makes me feel so troubled at times. Maybe it wasn't about her changes, it is me, did not know her well enough. Sprung around, then only I try to think hard, is she doing others stuff too when I was close with her.
Distances makes hearts grow fonder? Seriously I miss those who are far apart from me. Thanks to internet and those social website, at least I still can take a glimpse of what is happening around them. Deep down I feel happy for them looking at how far they had went since the day we were apart. Some friendships, like antiques, becoming more precious as time flies.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Its kinda unfair!

You know what, I'm really very unhappy for everything that happens throughout all this while. There are so much bitterness that I cant contain it any longer in my heart. Twisted relationship makes my heart distorted as well.

Dear friend, I heard that you are in love. Congratulations. Its really happy to see you in a relationship. but you makes all of us feel so awkward. I wonder if you would ever notice those head-turn-away moments from us. Oh ya, I gave a thought about what happened that day, and I had decided only 30% would be it.

Hi friend, congratulations! you are in love! As usual you are the type that I had met before. Exactly that type.

Hey friend, Congratulations! OMG you are dating!!! and you are dating a Mr. M!! OMG OMG!!-- Alright thats the expression u expected from me. Nah~ do not worry, I know you know who is good enough for you.

Woah friend, I still find you as bitchy as ever. Arh suit yourself.

They are still friends no matter what, just friends perhaps.

Friday, January 06, 2012

SO much more to GO

You read me inside out, and understand me more profoundly than anybody else. I let you slip out of my control and oppress my wounded heart from seizure. That day, I had decided to put you down. Confessing my sin is the best heart treatment that I ever got since that day. My heart turns red again.
She was pretty like a doll, attracts attentions and even attracts love. He came and took her heart away merciless just before the year ends. Say goodbye to those unnecessary.
New year new resolutions, one of those list which manage to bug you until you are done with them. I couldn't find the last year's, must had left it in church. Wonder how ambitious I were, again this year, I gonna write a new one.
1. Walk with God til the end, get myself fit into a church, serve him.
2. Pay more attentions to my parents, stop making them worry.
3. Put in more efforts to keep in touch with those who are far from me, I know I'm the lansi one.
4. Contain it, nurture it, get ready for something I'm not good at but willing to love.
5. Yes, violin and french, both of you still making me nuts.
6. As usual, diet and slim down until I can wear a bikini, and make guys nose bleed.
7. Save enough money for my trips and NZ.
8. Eat healthily and get rid of my annoying allergy.
9. Create a new shopping list ASAP.
Ya, I know the last one indeed is the highlight of the whole list.

Chinese New Year is coming and there is so much to look forward to this year because practically my sem break drops on this festive season and I've got the whole month off. Say hooray to it! Thinking of getting manicure but thoughts of so much of washing and cleaning need to be done before CNY put me off immediately because nothing would be left on my nails after Da Shao Chu. Oh ya, I need to have a pair of new shoe. Money money money, its the rich man's world..

I can look good in baju melayu too.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

*blink blink*

I must had mentioned it to you, otherwise how would you know what am I talking about all this while.
It came kinda too abrupt, but perhaps I should seen traces and premonitions about what is going to happen.
I welcome you with a chary soul, taking each step with deliberated pause, watching you crossing over the border of my heart. I had let you in with a blissful sentiment, rolling waves caught me off my guards.
Your care and attentions are puffy clouds that style the bright empty sky. I say, hey there, are you a cotton candy?

Wednesday, November 09, 2011










Wednesday, October 12, 2011