Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm back. Cheers.

I still need to spell it out, as usual.
Week 10, bad cycle which goes round and round. I'm still awaiting for his return week after weeks. Call me desperado please, I'm desperate for him sometimes. As if he do not return at all, in fact he did for constantly for number of weeks. I'm so not used to his absence. 2 more weeks to go, I'm still counting for it to end. I had been thinking a lot, you know as a girl, we really do think a lot! What do you mean when you ask us not to think dude?
Girls = Think-a-lot-creature
If you do not want us to think so much, try to fit yourself into our shoes! Well, after all I might ask you to be a gay if you can think like a girl. Hey you! We think a lot because our hormones makes us think a lot, if and only if one day we stop our menstrual cycle, hormones stop producing monthly, we are not pregnant, not having menopause (menopause is a bigger problem! Be ready for that when your wife is in her fifties), and be your barbie doll.

My boyfriend aka Chuana, always making me speechless but with plenty of thoughts going on in my head. I want him to do this to do that, yet I cannot bear to let him go through all those nonsense. The rational part of my mind controls all my ridiculous obsessive and possessive ideas. Yes, obsessiveness with my vain and materialistic nature and possessiveness with my spoil brat attitude! 

Argh, dilemma. Being single is so lonely, but having a boyfriends makes me having wrinkles!